Updating records in dataset

23-Aug-2017 08:56

In this tutorial we compare correlated subqueries and the JOIN syntax before looking at how to create a Table Adapter that includes a JOIN in its main query. First, instruct the Grid View to provide deleting capabilities by checking the Enable Deleting option from its smart tag.With relational databases the data we are interested in working with is often spread across multiple tables. Supplier ID s and correlated subqueries can both be used to retrieve related data from other tables, many developers are left scratching their heads and wondering which approach to use. Second, change the Object Data Source s table, causing the delete to fail.' Assumes connection is a valid Sql Connection. Dim command As Sql Command = _ New Sql Command("Insert Category" , connection) command. Stored Procedure Dim parameter As Sql Parameter = _ command. The Execute Non Query method returns an integer that represents the number of rows affected by the statement or stored procedure that was executed. If multiple statements are executed, the value returned is the sum of the records affected by all of the statements executed. To execute commands that do not return rows, create a Command object with the appropriate SQL command and a Connection, including any required Parameters. Execute the command with the Execute Non Query method of the Command object.

To retrieve data from two different tables we can use either a correlated subquery or a JOIN operation. To allow users to delete employees from this page we need to do two things.

Value) // Assumes connection is a valid Sql Connection.

Execute Non Query(); Int32 category ID = (Int32) command.

SQL statements that modify data (such as INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE) do not return rows.

Similarly, many stored procedures perform an action but do not return rows.

Here is my code below: Private m_s Conn1 As String = "Provider=Microsoft. OLEDB.12.0; Data Source=" & PATH_Workbook1 & "; Extended Properties=""Excel 12.0 Xml; HDR=YES; MAXSCANROWS=3; READONLY=FALSE\""" Dim conn As New Ole Db Connection(m_s Conn1) conn. Connection = conn Dim da As New Ole Db Data Adapter("Select * From [Holdings Test$]", conn) Dim ds As Data Set = New Data Set() da.