Unprotected dating

24-Sep-2017 18:52

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Most clinics will squeeze you in if you tell them you’re worried you have a herpes sore, she adds.

If your tests are clean at your two-week visit, going back a month later will confirm these results, Sasan says.

That’s when you can get a preliminary all-clear on STIs.

Most STI tests look for antibodies, and your immune system may not have necessarily developed these at 14 days, but a clean result provides a little security to get you through to your follow-up a few weeks later. This could occur anywhere from 10 days to 10 years after being infected, but it’s crucial to get to the doc as soon as you spot one, Van Kirk says.

Definitely take it if you’re ovulating—the time of the month when your body’s most fertile.

But don’t be too hard on yourself, and remember you’re not alone: One study found only 54 percent of women felt good after a one-night stand (compared to 80 percent of men).