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05-Dec-2017 15:50

A discarded diabetes drug could be the key to beating organ transplant rejection, a landmark study has found.

One in six heart recipients die within a year, and those that do survive face higher risk of infection, weight gain, cancer and diabetes from their life-long regime of immunosuppressant drugs.

In what has been described as a major breakthrough in the use of stem cells, 'Butterfly boy', a seven-year-old German-Syrian, was saved after losing 80 per cent of his skin to 'butterfly disease'.

To do this, they took around half-a-square inch from an unaffected part of the body.

In 2016, Andy Sandness, from Wyoming, was the recipient of a face transplant.

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The skin was laid on top of Mr Sandness' face, and then a team of doctors and nurses worked to reconstruct his face as best they could.Franck was admitted to hospital in September last year after being burned in a work accident.The first graft from his twin was done a week later, followed by around 12 further procedures.It took some 60 surgeons, nurses, anesthesiologists and others to complete the operation, for what would be a 56-hour marathon.

Mr Sandness later met the widow of his donor, Lilly Ross.

This method is particularly important where a genetic problems leads to malformed skin.

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