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20-Dec-2017 05:46

Then, I on whatsapp, I messaged her and she replied with hi and all that.

She agreed to give me number and I promised her that I never give her number to anyone. That day but at end of chatting she said she liked me very much. I praised her for her beauty and she replied not to tease her.

On that site, we can’t see any details of other person.

I requested her to send me her photo for which she hesitated a lot.

So whenever I think about my to be life partner, I imagine you.

I said her that I never seen a girl beautiful than you. I said yes and I said her that if she was not married I would love to marry her.

She then asked tell me which type of girl do you like?

She was holding my head tightly and applying pressure on my lips. Then I started to undress her and she started to undress me.

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