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24-Jun-2017 20:25

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But looking good in front of the camera is about more than just that.It’s about discovering your signature smile, securing great lighting and knowing exactly what to wear and how to strike a pose.They can be honest images or equally created for affecting a new and improved persona.There are several types of portrait sessions that we create.To get the skinny on how to pose for a picture and unleash your inner top model, we asked the experts.Check out these 11 best tips for looking hot in photos.Yes, to the dismay of people of fashion, men have continued to wear cargo shorts, apparently unconcerned about their appearance and also unconcerned about being authentic — though in the age of not-so-real reality stars, alternative facts and fake news, perhaps we shouldn't be surprised. Being delusional is not an attractive quality in a potential date. Yes, they're comfortable, but so are boxer briefs and you don't wear those in lieu of pants, do you? Read more: Now, however, there's a new reason to ditch cargo shorts: They're a turn-off to potential dates According to a recent study by the dating app Hater — it matches people who hate the same things — guys who love cargo shorts are the least likely men on the site to get a date. Men who pay attention to their footwear tend to pay attention to details, and that is a good thing. The point is there is a time and a place for most things, and the time and place for those long and voluminous athletic shorts — which, by the way, always look as if they are weighted down by sweat even when they are not — is Saturday morning at the gym.

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This often means we are given instructions on the scope of a shoot so we can create images fit for purpose as these shots will have a clear objective. They're dumpy and dorky, silly and bulky, and way too long, usually falling so far past the knees that grown men end up looking as if they have short little elf legs.The bigger problem, of course, is that the shorts are completely inauthentic in that nobody, except maybe Mac Gyver or Indiana Jones, needs that many pockets and the men who insist on these shorts are, alas, neither. Doing so makes you look ridiculous and somewhat delusional. A man who appreciates and respects a classic is a good man. No excuse to NOT get her Christmas shopping done now.

Portrait photography helps identify who we are, how we see ourselves or how we are seen.Still, there are some things that you should never say to your partner no matter how upset you are.

A lot of men my age seem uninterested in a committed relationship, seeming to prefer a more casual “low investment, low return” approach to relationships. As a guy who was single for 35 years, I completely agree and think that – all things remaining equal – having a good relationship is a far superior state of being than being alone.… continue reading »

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This movie (while have some "man-bashing" elements) is more about the friendship of four strong real black women who represent a little part of most women in society. I think that it has humor, depth, and presents a very real perspective on love and dating in today's world.… continue reading »

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