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If that wasn't enough, more therapists are adding on extra bells and whistles to the standard vitamin drip — with Suzanne Milligan's laser light accompaniment a case in point.

However, despite the fact that more women swear their drips are essential to help them manage their busy lives, experts remain unconvinced by the purported benefits.

As well as the red light, there is also a blue light laser.

Each is shone on the skin for around 20 minutes, and apparently all have different frequencies, with supposedly contrasting effects on the body.

At best, you simply excrete excess vitamins and minerals in your urine, meaning there is no effect.'But there's also evidence that taking too many vitamins or minerals at once can be dangerous — high doses of calcium, for example, can cause kidney stones.'And with any IV administration, there is a risk of infection.'She adds: 'Another problem is that people might think IV drips are a quick fix and neglect their diet, which can provide all the vitamins and minerals we need if we eat healthily.

Any unproven benefits are outweighed by potential risks.

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Indeed, beauty clinics claim their elusive cocktails of vitamins can cure everything from jet lag to hangovers, as well as pepping up jaded complexions.Little wonder, then, that women such as Suzanne Milligan, 44, exhausted by the rigours of motherhood and a busy career, and worried about the onset of fine lines and wrinkles, have become fans of these intravenous drips, which deliver a liquid solution of vitamins directly into the bloodstream.IV vitamin drips are now no longer the reserve of celebrities — they have an band of middle-aged female devotees convinced they'll help them glide through their busy lives. But such intravenous vitamin drips are now no longer the reserve of celebrities with more money than sense — they have an ardent band of middle-aged female devotees, convinced they're just the thing to help them glide through the stresses of a busy life.Brief information about the dance archive items can be found below.

For more information about a particular item, click on: details.Suzanne Milligan (pictured), 44, is one of thousands of women regularly using the treatment With Suzanne's treatment, as a bonus, a laser light is beamed on to her skin by her beauty therapist, which can, it's claimed, boost the potential benefits of the vitamins. It seems popping a one-a-day multivitamin tablet is no longer sufficient for these increasingly health-obsessed women.

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