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13-Dec-2017 13:03

So the French don’t spend much more than we do, yet their kids eat seem to eat, on average, better than ours do–even in the smallest villages and poorest towns of France.

(For an interesting comparison, you can check out the Fed up With Lunch blog, where teacher Sarah Wu photographed lunches in her kids’ school for a year, sparking a fascinating debate about school food).

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The French have decided the teaching healthy eating routines to children is a priority, and they teach children about healthy food in the classroom AND the lunchroom.

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So I believe that some elements of the French approach (like their well thought-out approach to ‘taste training’ for kids) could definitely work here.

But above all else, we aim to enable children to spend joyful, convivial moments together, to learn a Of course, these comments on the French approach to lunches are a series of generalizations.

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