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20-Aug-2017 12:02

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It’s Courtship 101: men should lead with their masculinity, strength and sense of humor and women should show their femininity, softness and playfulness.Flirting is a beautiful dance that requires lightness, confidence and elegance. In an era of online dating, texting, Facebook and Instagram, how do you think we can find a balance between vintage dating and our undeniably technological world?How did you find your way into the world of matchmaking? Since our wine bar was intimate and romantic, customers started confiding in us about their love lives.We started to listen to people’s stories of being single and noticed that it was less about them having access to other singles (like they were saying) and more about them being unaware of their blind spots or how to lead with their best assets. Our casting and fashion background are key to finding the best matches for our clients, but it’s been through our own unique experiences as being “serial singles” for years, a background in psychology and a male-and-female perspective that has created remarkable results for our clients. Learning how to flirt and cultivating relationships .The overuse of technology is ruining potential connections.A new relationship requires face-to-face interaction, understanding nuances and observing how a person moves in order to build a strong foundation. How do you think romance or our view of love has changed from our parents' generation to now? Today, you throw it away or trade it in for a better model.It’s all about identifying someone’s best assets and enhancing them.

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The place for technology is when a relationship is already established –- a text to ask about dinner or an email to update your lover about your day is fine. Typically, large metropolitan areas attract career-oriented individuals who barely pay attention to their love life until things start to feel really unbalanced and empty. So far our most romantic evening was at One Pico in Shutters on the Beach.When someone just wants a quick fix and lots of dates to fill their time rather than committing to the journey of finding the right person. Couples are unable to communicate about what they need. Give it enough time to become emotionally invested in the other person so you have no regrets. You have said that what sets your company apart from so many other matchmakers is that your clients get male and female feedback.