Keeping office dating a secret

28-Sep-2017 02:03

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Mooning over a relationship gone bad is what you do at home while eating too much ice cream and watching that tearjerker for the fifteenth time, not an activity to do at your desk.

Take it from Jane, who learned the hard way:"A few months after I started working at a small internet company, I started dating a coworker.

"I thought he was flirting with the girl sitting next him, and it hurt my feelings," Beatrix further divulged. The Perfect Balance – Continued • Don't let your job get in the way of your relationship, but also don't let your relationship get in the way of your job.

"Then I realized I was just being insecure."Two weeks later, after some frank discussions, they were back together. Talk to each other, and discover what works for you in terms of balancing the two.• Remember: it's probably part of both your job and the other person's to communicate — perhaps frequently — with people you think are a threat.

Seeing him every single day (boy, did I hate working in an open office then) reminded me over and over again about how much I missed him and how mad I was that he wasn't interested.

I eventually got over it, but it was really rough."Like in business, and regardless of where your love life stands, you can benefit from heeding the advice of others and learning from their successes and failures. As Beatrix would say, "My mom told me to 'Never date anyone at work.' I say, 'Never date anyone at work unless you are in love with them and are best friends with them first!

Spending a good chunk of our waking hours around the same people naturally allows us to get to know them better and become more comfortable talking, joking, laughing—maybe even flirting. And what if steamy encounters of undeniable chemistry tempt you out of your super-professional comfort zone …

But when you date someone in your office, it can become more and more difficult to leave your relationship drama at home where it belongs. and into the HR department for a talk about the office's dating policy?

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It almost certainly doesn't mean he likes her.• Don't talk about work after hours!

Try to keep in mind all the good things that made you notice that coworker in the first place, and focus on the positive aspects of an ongoing professional relationship.