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16-Sep-2017 17:56

We don’t talk about being close friends, but when I am too sad to do anything, I call him. I’m too sad.” When he went through a divorce, he was nearly incapacitated. He is a great editor when my life is startups, he is a great editor when my life is interpersonal drama, and he can even edit post after post about my garden without jumping to the conclusion that no one cares. And I know I’m lucky that he stops in between to edit. And that makes sense to me, because he creates a calm environment for me, as well, and I think that’s what really makes him a great editor.

Some weeks I talked to him every day about his personal life. Although every time I write about my hedge, he says the post is boring. Do you see in the picture how I cut a tiny passage for little kids? When I found out he was an INFP I told him it’s impossible. I will force him to make a special appearance in this course.

(FYI: I'm a Female not sure if that was important or not in better understanding of the above.) No. I am an INFP, and I was with an INTP for about six years.

There was constant conflict that eventually drove me literally insane to the point where I should probably be seeing a psychiatrist right now.

The first crazy thing he did was email me out of the blue and ask if he could be my editor.No one is a better guide than you, but that’s not the message you get from the outside world.Your high expectations are both inspiring and frustrating to yourself and those around you. Don't try to turn your [boy]friend into an INTP, because there will probably be immediate, intense conflict unless he is already borderline in his T/F preference. I had an INFP girlfriend for just shy of 4 years, and a number of the other girls I've been drawn to were (I believe) INFPs.

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You INTPs can be very dangerous for the psychological health of extreme INFPs, and we can be frustrating for extreme INTPs. It seems to work, provided you take into consideration that they go with their gut before their heads and need constant reassurance of... That you still care, that she's pretty, things like that.Here is a link that explains some of the problems you might have. More patient INTPs shouldn't have a problem, but the more detached ones might have some issues. Maybe I'm crazy, but I'm actually considering taking back my last statement.