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Heaven forbid that we ever discussed it, but I sometimes thought, well make that wondered, if Wayne somehow justified his role in our relationship as being less than queer, or certainly less queer than me, since I was the receptive partner while he was only fucking my ass as he would a woman's pussy.

Sigh...a few more hits and I was once again able to function only in the reality of the moment only and the promise and anticipation of more pleasure to come.Neither of us, at least at that time in history, had the courage to even acknowledge to ourselves that we might be anything other than just heterosexual men who had a special attraction, and special relationship, with another man. I don't know, since we weren't "members" of any such community and we really didn't know anyone with such inclinations besides each other.We didn't really talk about it, but in my mind and I think Wayne's as well acknowledging that we were anything beyond bisexual would have meant accepting, perhaps with self-loathing, that we were "queers" or "faggots".I hadn't intended for this to be series, but it turned out that way and this will be the last story under this series title.

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As we left off at the end of Chapter 3, Wayne and I had just fallen asleep after making love at a remote cabin on my family's ranch property...

I still seemed to be squeaky clean too and, with my ass cleaning up nicely, I decided against using the Fleet Enema that I had in my bag and instead just cleaned my ass, cock and balls with some Wet-Naps before heading back down the hill to the cabin.

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