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Here are our top tips for making sure you achieve a fantastic outcome. Infographics are an effective way to provide information, increase awareness, boost brand advocacy, and motivate action. Only Caucasian and East Asian students featured in the photos, in an effort to account for racial bias or stereotyping by participants, according to Nicholas Rule, associate professor of psychology at U of T who worked on the study.Those asked to categorize the photo subjects by income level were accurate 68 per cent of the time in the first study and 52 per cent of the time in the second, more controlled set, even when given only split seconds to make their choice.The findings of the study, which Rule co-authored with Thora Bjornsdottir, are both fascinating and troubling.They have implications in hiring, law enforcement and our day-to-day interactions with colleagues and peers.It's important to create visual stories that people share.Sure, we’d love to write you a sonnet about the wonders of data, but no one would read it.

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They are simple, yet effective ways to display the same information. Here’s My Chance asks our clients five questions to help them understand their communication needs and decide whether it’s the right time to develop an infographic.

Gordon Patzer, author of The Physical Attractiveness Phenomena, who studies the power of beauty on perception, says that the prevalence of social media—like Facebook or Tinder—will only continue to make faces a key way we evaluate our peers (and strangers).

“We rely so much on photos on social media…I would have to speculate that [we’re putting] more and more importance on a person’s image all the time.” At the heart of peoples’ correct guesses in the study is the stereotype that the rich are happier due to their less arduous childhoods and lifestyles, and vice versa for the poor.

In one stage of the study, photos were collected from dating sites and individual income was self-reported as either more than 0,ooo or less than ,000.

A second set of tests used photos captured in a lab, featuring 156 undergraduate students with neutral, expressionless faces whose household incomes were either below ,000 or above 0,000.

Compare the difference in effectiveness between the following text slide versus an infographic. Infographics convey more information in a better way – and faster. For example, remember learning the Periodic Table of Elements in high school chemistry?

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