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15-Oct-2017 05:15

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After reading Mari Ruti’s book, Melissa has kindly shared her thoughts on the subject. Let me start off saying that I am not an expert on anything, except possibly how to make a mean Whoopie Pie (Jess, Susie, Mr.

Lively, and the UPS boys can attest to this). I am definitely not an expert when it comes to love, relationships and men. Yes, I have been in relationships, two serious ones within my lifetime, and experienced the pain of a breakup recently back in August. Moving to present tense Melissa, I am single and ready to mingle. Dating is a rough scene to break back into, especially after being in a long term relationship. Jess gave me the book by Mari Ruti, and upon receiving this book, I decided to open myself up to what the book had to say, but also what I can take from the book and apply to my future dating ventures. How can I date with Intention after reading this book?

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Before I start on today’s post, I’d like to thank everyone for the sweet and encouraging emails and comments about my new Business With Intention consulting!

How I Think About Love and Relationships: I know after an extended period of time knowing someone, the qualities you see in someone go from being extraordinary to just plain ordinary. When it comes to a relationship, there has to be something extraordinary, some sort of “fire” that keeps the relationship going, and you loving that person. I have had the boyfriend who could always make me laugh, whether I was crying, or just waking up in the morning. I also had the boyfriend who was reliable and would be anywhere I needed him to be, whether it was because I was having a meltdown or I just wanted to go to Steak N’ Shake. That one particular trait about both of these guys made them extraordinary all the time. We need to not only focus on the extraordinary in our loved ones, but also in ourselves.

Nevertheless I put Melissa, our amazing Jess LC intern and assistant, up to the challenge of seeing whether we can make intentions for love.Now that the book is done, and this little excerpt from my brain is almost done, I believe I am ready to not only tackle the dating scene, but I can start dating with intention. I hope everyone starts to date with intention, no matter what your status is. And to those braving the dating world with me, good luck!

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