Dating site for widows and widowers

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Your payment is largely determined by your lifetime earnings — specifically the money you earned during your highest-paying 35 years.

If you've been married at least a year, your spouse may qualify for a spousal benefit when you begin your own retirement benefit.

For example, if a 30-year-old worker dies, leaving a wife and two young children, the expected lifetime benefits for the children and widow would equal a 6,000 life insurance policy, according to the Social Security Administration.

But there may also be benefits for children whose parents simply retire.

To claim benefits before the death, you must be unmarried and age 62 or older.

This includes a spousal benefit while the ex is still alive and a survivor benefit after that person dies.

The money is payable to a biological child, an adopted child or a dependent stepchild.

A child who is over 18 and disabled may also be eligible if the disability started before age 22.

And the benefit you'd get on your own work record must be smaller than what you'd get on the work record of your ex-spouse.

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The rules are a bit different if you're claiming a survivor's benefit as a divorced spouse.Q: And benefits can extend to divorced spouses, too? In 1965, because divorce so frequently created financial distress for older women in this country, Social Security extended benefits to divorced spouses whose marriages had lasted at least 20 years.