Dating moving in

17-Dec-2017 16:18

"I think it's important to have a discussion about the status of the relationship," Alpert says. Are we looking for the same things, are we both looking for marriage or staying together but not marriage?

" Don't wait until you've signed a lease to talk about where you see the relationship going. Just because something saves money doesn't mean it's practical.

We realize that isn't always possible, but if it is, it will help to quell any territorial issues.

In the event that one of you is a homeowner or your existing leases don't line up, it's important for the current owner to realize they are moving into a shared sphere. Before you live together, splitting financial duties is fairly simple and rarely awkward.

"If people are earning similar salaries, then it certainly makes sense to split it down the middle," Alpert says. This won't just be a change for you and your partner—a lot of people you may not have considered will factor in.

"If there is a discrepancy in earnings, then a similar percentage seems to work well." Whatever you do, be sure both parties agree wholeheartedly before the move, and don't forget to discuss what will happen in the event that one of you is out of work for a while. Maybe you and your best friend still do sleepovers, or your parents pop by every single Sunday. Not only are you more apt to fight over small differences (see #4), but you're definitely going to depend on each other for much more.

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Maybe our newness was what carried us through that adjustment period.

"These things aren't really known when you're dating," Alpert says.