Dating craftsman planes

05-Dec-2017 21:10

When properly marked with a documented and desirable maker's names like Chelor or Nicholson, who are documented 18th century wooden molding plane makers, a plane like this can bring from several hundred to several thousand dollars in the antique tool marketplace.

The bad news here is that this example, even though it is made of yellow birch, is in good condition, has a proper looking wedge, and the characteristic heavy chamfers of a 18th century plane, is unmarked and thus worth about or less if you can find a buyer.

I am always looking to refresh my stock of antique woodworking tools and planes.

If you have antique tools and planes you want to sell please contact me at Antiq [email protected] next photo shows an example of a desirable form of wooden molding plane.

Condition, rarity, and desirability all play a part in the value of antique tools. This first plane shown is known as a Victor block plane.

I will discuss different types of tools we are seeking and provide some information about their values.

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