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The broader strategy of a United States trying to reduce overseas burdens by prodding regional partners to step up and do more is, in fact, an extension of Obama's foreign policy. Bush knocked the region out of balance when he deposed Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein and effectively opened an Arab gateway to Iran to spread its influence from Shiite-majority Iraq.Trump, however, is trying a very different means to the same goal. The Obama years were then consumed with efforts to resolve an overwhelming Iran problem without a destabilizing war in the Persian Gulf.Sharif says that she does not trust Google Translate, because anyone can edit the translations.“Covfefe’ (pronounced “cuv – fee- fae”) is an Antediluvian term for “In the end we win.” It was commonly used by the sons of Adam to rail against the evil actions of the fallen who had led man astray.Saudi Arabia was as thrilled to host Trump’s first state visit as Trump was eager to lap up the royal pageantry.But things were not always this cozy between Washington and Riyadh. Trump's visit was Saudi Arabia's rare chance to upgrade the House of Saud's insurance plan in the wake of Obama's strategic rapprochement with Iran, which had come just as the region’s monarchs and surviving autocrats were still trembling from the Arab Spring uprisings.There's a big chance they'll get slapped or at the very least ignored. The Arabic word for phrases like this is is "flirting".The comic says, on the right "Lebanese flirting: You see how big the moon is? On the left: "Our flirting (meaning Saudi): I swear I'll punch in the stomach anyone who says your name."This phrase sounds dumb in English, but it's actually something that's said in Lebanon. The idea is that she tastes so good you don't need to put salt on her to eat her.

Sharif, who is fluent in multiple Arabic dialects, told us by email, “No, the word has nothing to do with the Arabic language.” In fact, Arabic does not use a “V” sound, which already rules out covfefe or cov fe’fe as a word.During the Cold War, when Riyadh was legitimately paranoid that a secular, smooth-talking and clean-shaven Shah of Iran would coax the White House into backing an Iranian grab for Saudi oil fields in the name of regional security, the golden-robed Wahhabi royals of Riyadh had to be extremely clever and resourceful to edge their way into the club of U. There could be no better gift than an American president willing to maintain a tough line on Iran while sweeping human rights concerns under the rug.But the American president is in for a rude discovery: An Arab NATO is nothing more than a desert mirage.Others, from Woodrow Wilson to Jimmy Carter, crossed the Atlantic amid wars hot and cold.

Donald Trump, however, is the first to choose the Middle East for his foreign debut.

On President Trump send a late-night tweet that began with a complaint about his press coverage and ended with the non-word “covfefe,” baffling many.