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В таких емкостях в торговых точках предлагаются огурцы, компоты и пр.

Такие стеклобанки универсальны. Они имеют стандартные размеры : от 600мл до 5л.

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Thanksgiving doesn’t involve the same temptation to dip into your to buy a pile of gifts.

Yes, it would be less expensive to cook up a pan of cornbread at home, rather than springing for it from that fancy place across town.

Chances are they'll come after you." Do they ever not come after you? … continue reading »

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Amtrak initially operated (with federal subsidy) the Washington-Parkersburg West Virginian (later renamed Potomac Turbo then Potomac Special) and the Washington-Cincinnati Shenandoah over the B&O.… continue reading »

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The Malthusian argument establishes that selection has occurred – that some traits changed frequency because of their influence on the viability of organisms. Darwin doesn’t think that every trait we observe evolved because there was selection for it; recall his comment in the Origin that selection is “the main but not the exclusive cause” of evolution.… continue reading »

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